At Petite Femme, we believe in investing in quality and taking care of what we own. To help you prolong the life of your garments, we’ve put together a simple Care Guide.

Air it out

Lightly worn items that are free from stains or odours can be turned inside out and hung up in an open space or out in the sun before they are returned to your closet. Airing out your clothes can help remove faint odours while sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

Hand wash delicate items

Delicates like silks, wools, lace and embellished items should only be dry cleaned or hand washed. Immerse the garment in a tub of cool water with a few drops of gentle detergent. Let it soak for up to 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly under running water. Gently squeeze out excess water from the garment and roll it up in a dry towel to absorb moisture.

Spot clean any stains

Place the stain face down onto a white towel. Using a cloth dampened with stain remover or detergent, pat the stain from the reverse side, starting from the edges and working towards the centre of the stain. Allow the garment to air dry before washing.

Do not soak

Our corozo buttons are made from a natural, porous material that should not be soaked in water for extended periods of time (more than 24 hours) as some warping or fading may occur.

Do not bleach

Instead of bleach, opt for sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to remove stains. Add half a cup of baking soda in with your laundry detergent to refresh your whites.

Machine wash as needed

We recommend hand washing where possible to extend the life of your clothing. Items such as our blazers should always be hand washed or dry cleaned to maintain the structure of the shoulder pads.

However, other items that have been worn 3-4 times or have a noticeable odour can be cold machine washed using the delicate or gentle setting.

Hang dry your clothes

Air drying is the most economical way to dry your garments. Wool and knit items should be dried flat to avoid stretching. Structured garments such as blouses and jackets can be dried on hangers to maintain their shape and reduce the need for ironing.

Steam it

To remove light creases from your clothes, use a hand-held garment steamer or hang your garment on the back of the bathroom door while you shower. If your garment has more stubborn creases, use an iron on the lowest setting to prevent heat damage.

Repair minor defects

Always consider mending a garment instead of replacing it entirely. Tears, faulty zippers and missing buttons can be easily repaired. Our garments come with spare buttons - be sure to keep these in a safe place.