In Her Own Words: Jem Juthamat

Jem Juthamat wearing white linen suit

Meet Jem Juthamat, interior designer, content creator and co-founder of Jem and Bianca Interiors. Known for her love of neutral tones and natural lighting, Jem is the woman behind one of the most dreamy interior accounts on Instagram. In this edition of In Her Own Words, Jem shared with us her wardrobe essentials, self-care routines and thoughts on femininity.

Your wardrobe essentials:

My wardrobe is a capsule of collected pieces that I can mix and match. I do like a neutral palette but I have the occasional pop of colour through my accessories.

Your most treasured item:

I have kept a skirt for over 18 years. I wore it so much and it holds a lot of memories. My marble coffee table from WK Quantum Quartz was custom designed and made with love and will be passed down to my kids.

Your favourite way to unwind:

I love watching Friends, but a new favourite show I’m currently watching is The Big Bang Theory. I love watching soft comedy to help me unwind. I also love taking long baths and listening to good music.

Jem Juthamat wearing white linen suit

A time you felt bold:

There’s been many of those times. I think I went through a lot of bold moments in my early twenties as I was still discovering life after highschool. Too many to mention!

A moment you felt vulnerable:

When I was 14, I went through a really tough situation and I felt not only vulnerable, but also alone. I also felt vulnerable giving birth to my first born. Through vulnerabilities, I was able to grow.

A movie that made you cry:

A recent series I watched that made me cry was From Scratch.

Petite woman wearing white linen blazer and trouser

One piece of advice you’ll never forget:

Listen more than you speak.

One thing you’re looking forward to this year: 

I’m looking forward to going on a holiday overseas with my family. We haven’t since we were in lock down.

What femininity means to you:

It doesn’t seek control, domination, or anything in that regard. It only seeks to create, to expand, and to feel limitless.

Petite woman wearing white linen blazer and pant

Jem is 5’3” (160cm) and wears our Tailored Linen Blazer in Oat (Size 14), Silk Satin Camisole in Ivory (Size 12) and Tailored Linen Trouser in Oat (Size 12).

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